QuaQua: your online meeting platform with simultaneous translation

Organising multilingual meetings has never been this easy

QuaQua is a user-friendly online meeting platform for long and short multilingual meetings. QuaQua is being developed in close cooperation with experienced conference interpreters and less experienced end users. Interpreters find the platform to be familiar and efficient. Participants can make intuitive and rapid use of it.

Your multilingual meeting in just a few clicks

Collaborate globally on a regular basis. Halve your costs and double your number of multilingual meetings.

Online simultaneous translation

Meet in your own language and understand what other participants have to say with the assistance of remote simultaneous interpreters.

No travel costs

Save time and money. Thanks to QuaQua, you can meet where and when you want.

Use your own hardware

You do not need to invest in specific material.

Safe and confidential

QuaQua respects your privacy and your computer. You do not need to install anything. This web-based solution only requires a Chrome browser.

Participating at a distance

All participants can follow proceedings and provide input in their own language. They can share documents, give presentations, chat, etc. In short, everything you need for efficient communication.

Remote interpreting

QuaQua offers interpreters a high-quality and confidential work environment.

Organising multilingual meetings has never been this easy.

With only a laptop and browser, participants from all over the world can participate in your meetings in the language they choose, as active participants or as passive listeners.

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