Dynamic translation of web content: from automation to rapid delivery times

In today’s world, communication needs to be rapid. Many of our customers actively use a variety of media, and in particular their websites, to communicate more cost-effectively with a large audience.

Translation and localisation* of that content have several implications and expectations.

  • Rapid delivery: each message has to be made public at once in different languages.
  • Variable volumes: sometimes it involves amending a couple of sentences for an online shop, but it can also involve various product catalogues or financial reports that are released at the same time in various languages.
  • Varying deadlines: for instance, financial communication often has a fixed calendar, but if you need to communicate quickly to respond to sudden developments, then your translation partner has to be ready to process this efficiently.

At Lexitech, we have developed tools and interfaces to guarantee rapid interaction between your communication resources (web engines, PIM systems, content management systems) and our technologies. The process is mainly automated.

It means we can concentrate on tasks that add extra value. This is how we keep our delivery times short.

You stay in control

Do you like to stay in the driving seat? That’s fine. If required, we can give you access to a dashboard.

What are the advantages?

You retain full control.

You also get an accurate picture of the workflows for the content that you have left in Lexitech’s hands.

This is very successful!

* Content localisation goes a step further than translation. With localisation, we do not translate literally but instead, we adapt the content to a specific target audience, in particular, the cultural context of that audience. For instance, a joke we find funny may not necessarily be funny for an Asian audience or an African audience.