Translating Europe

Translating Europe

Every year, the DG Translation of the European Commission organizes the ‘Translating Europe Forum’ right around the corner from our office.

Around 500 professionals meet and debate for two days; as a sign of the times, this year the focus was on Translating in the Digital age.

One particular statement made a particular impression on me: Artificial Intelligence is powerful but is not robust… This came from the keynote by Nozha Boujemaa from the DATAIA Institute in Paris.

What are the implications?

We can do wonderful things but cause tremendous damage. Handling data and training algorithms are better left to specialists but that does not guarantee that data will be handled in an objective way.

Building trust in algorithms is a tall order, certainly when it is not clear how the data-sets are composed. Events occurring in a certain order do not imply a causal relationship (post hoc ergo propter hoc, for the linguists among you…).

Many, many questions, no easy answers …


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