The primary motto of every business leader

‘Listen to your customer’ is the primary motto of every business leader, but we should also not lose sight of our freelancers.

Our Vendor Manager Anaïs and I had the pleasure to meet a few hundred of them at the Elia Together 2019 which took place in Barcelona at the end of February.

Some impressions:

  • There are too few translators, and the demand for good translators is simply too high. This is in contrast with the frustration suffered by freelancers, who mostly work alone, receiving only the feedback that they need to be faster and cheaper, while the importance of their role in the international communication of companies and government institutions is evident.
  • Technology will bring about change in the translation industry, with the post-editing of machine translations the most obvious example. The enormous computer and memory capacity at attractive conditions on the one hand and – let’s be honest – the propaganda machine of the IT sector on the other, are resulting in a rapidly developing market with a great deal of variety. For freelancers this means that they will be offered some rather interesting projects… as well as some projects which they would rather not touch.
  • Specialist of generalist: this is a dilemma faced by many and all must decide this for themselves. Do you wish to remain flexible and offer a variety of subject areas? Then general translations are for you. Do you gradually want to develop your expertise and move further into your niche market? Then you can guess the answer.

See you again soon!

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