On the way back from Bled

Bled TTT

Having attended the fifth TTT-seminar (Translation, Technology, Terminology) in Bled (Slovenia), last week, I wanted to share a few impressions:

  1. I had the chance to meet various young entrepreneurs who come to the translation and localisation industry with ambition and gusto. They attest to the vitality and the innovative spirit of our industry and they deserve our admiration. Best of luck to Alan, Sarah, Zsofia, Ivan and so many others I had the chance to talk with.
  2. My contribution discussed the strategic side: alliances, takeovers… The most notable feedback from the audience touches on private equity. Many professionals are confused, to the point of being concerned by this recent interest, even if that interest makes perfect sense from a strategic and a financial sense. But rather have everyone on board…
  3. Iolar, the organising company, allowed for time for the ‘human’ side. Sessions on communication, well-being, productivity boosting underline an element we risk to forget now that we are inundated by novelties from the technology world. Our industry relies on the professionalism, experience and well-being of thousands of professionals who often work alone and where strict deadlines are ever present.

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