Forward into the future with SCHEMA ST4 system solutions

‘Automating’ and ‘networking’ are the buzzwords in today’s industrial sector. Electronics and information technology will reach even the smallest components in the years ahead. Maintenance and repairs are becoming ever more complex and time-consuming, requiring continuous, reliable and consistent documentation and product information. These texts are often multilingual and global, and take various forms, such as printed documents, in on-board computers or in diagnostic systems.


  1. Consistency through automation

Whether there are dozens or thousands of variants, components, special equipment or accessories, the automation of information modules ensures that the content ends up in the right place at the right time and in the right hands.


  1. Secure and uncomplicated exchange of data

Interfaces with associated systems such as PIM or ERP solutions make it possible to exchange data easily.


  1. Freedom in formats

SCHEMA ST4 supports more than a dozen ready-to-use target formats. Information can be retrieved as required via the vehicle’s on-board computer or as a service note on a tablet, as a printed document or as an HTML file.


  1. Consistency between text and image

Because the same information may often be present in both the text and the graphics, it can be quite a challenge to display all of it. The SCHEMA ST4 Callout Designer therefore ensures that whenever changes are made, the text is also changed, re-used and automatically synchronised in the graphics.



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