DITA above all

Darwin Information Typing Architecture or simply DITA is often put forward as the panacea for everything that is related to technical writing and professional information management. It is an information model that can be used to standardise, modularise and reuse content. This means that information from one and the same source can be used in different formats, which guarantees an efficient workflow. At least, this is the theory.

To DITA or not to DITA?

This is not a philosophical but a practical question. It is not so much the DITA structure but the software (powerful and standardised whenever possible…) that allows you to work in a standardised and modular manner and then mainly to your own advantage. Standardised software developers spend considerable budgets each year on tackling new challenges (and opportunities) with demonstration videos, interactive content, the internet of things, etc.
You will have a powerful tool with Schema ST4 that will take all of this over!

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