150 000 reasons why is Lexitech is your best bet for financial translations

Financial translations, whether for the financial sector or the financial reporting of any company, are quite a challenge.
Our general manager Geert comes from the financial sector himself and for some time, has been on the look-out for solutions that could make a difference. Last week, Lexitech obtained exclusivity on the financial terminology database compiled by Jean-Paul Glorieux. Jean-Paul has had a long career as a translator and a banker and over the years, has built up and updated this database, which is in four languages:
– English,
– French,
– Dutch,
– German
It contains 150 000 terms from a large number of sub-domains:
– Banking,
– Insurance,
– Financial reporting,
– Investment products,
– Taxation,
– Real estate management,
– Audit.
This resource is another step towards providing high-quality translations: carefully selected translators, a complete terminology database coupled with robust processes and technology. All the ingredients for optimal results! Contact us today and find out for yourself the quality of our services.

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