In our actions, we look at the interests of our clients and our colleagues, but also at the wider social and environmental impact of these actions.


The health and well-being of our staff is the first objective. We believe that opportunities for personal and professional growth are a very important element in this and support the initiatives of the staff in this regard.

Ethical business practices

We hold to strict standards of fair treatment of employees, clients and service providers: free-lancers and subcontractors.

We continuously look to improve our business processes in order to offer the best possible quality at a fair price.


Several initiatives are designed to limit the environmental impact of our operations:

  • Because our offices are centrally located, all of us commute essentially by public transport or by bicycle.
  • Tele-working is another way to limit travel time. Half of the staff use teleworking at least two days per week.
  • Waste is separated as far as possible and we have a culture of frugality when it comes to packaging and disposables.

Corporate sustainability

Lexitech has been created in 1976 and has a record of stability of revenues and profitability. There are no debts and a net cash reserve is kept at all times.

We believe that the growth and the well-being of all stakeholders (clients, free-lancers and colleagues) will benefit from a prudent yet ambitious development of our firm in the long term.


We like to share our interests but also our values with our partners. We request that our free-lancers subscribe to the CSR principles of Lexitech.

“At Lexitech, we take our social responsibility very seriously”